Order Processing

Harlequin Fulfillment Services’ world class fulfillment solutions utilize the latest technology and systems available. When you partner with HFS you receive market proven solutions to ensure that all components of your fulfillment program are integrated, efficient, and deliver a great customer experience.  Let us help you streamline your e-commerce, continuity, and retail fulfillment programs.



You can expect fast and accurate service for your e-commerce orders.

  • Expedited online orders – anything received before 11:00 AM ships out the same day
  • Automated picking with advanced voice and multi-shuttle systems for efficient order processing
  • Systematic weight checks & order inspections ensure the right products go to the right customers
  • Automated sort for discounted, fast delivery – maximizes both cost and time savings for you
  • Electronic ship confirmations & order tracking allow the customer to follow their package from the moment it ships to the arrival at their doorstep!



Continuity customers are frequent, regular, and loyal consumers who deserve quality, consistency, and reliability from you.  At HFS, we can help guarantee you never let them down!

Automated Packaging

  • Multiple automated carton assembly lines allow us to package products, premiums, and promotional print and apply address labels or bill packs in the most efficient way
  • We also use high-speed collators and shrink-wrap lines to quickly and neatly package sets or series

Print and Letter Shop

  • Let us produce your letters, statements, invoices, promotional materials, and more with our in-house digital print (4/C), high-speed (1/C) forms printing
  • Our high-volume letter shop can insert  11 items per envelope
  • We also provide list services and can assist with your transactional & promotional 
    direct mailing
  • In addition, we can produce your POD soft-cover (4/C cover, 1/C text), perfect bound books



Using proven systems, we provide several services for retail fulfillment programs.

  • We receive, store, and manage your inventory with careful accuracy
  • We use automation to apply product labels on individual products to satisfy every retailer’s needs
  • We have dedicated systems for picking and packaging split case orders in addition to full cartons or full pallets
  • We’ll meticulously prepare pallets and parcels for “less than truckload” (LTL) shipments
  • Your transportation purchases and coordination are handled by our experienced traffic department
  • Electronic advance shipping notices (ASN) are sent to your retail customers in advance to satisfy their merchandise management and receiving requirements